Can it be summer without sandals?

Influencer sitting outside on concrete stairs in dress and sunglasses wearing Cougar Jacy Sandals in Opal

I think you know the answer, and we’ve got styles you’ll want to wear right now.

The best part: they all have cool metallic finishes (we like to call them “metal winners”).

Metallic is the new neutral; it goes with everything, while adding a bit of dressed-up polish. And, as always, all of our summer styles are:

  • Water-repellent
  • Stain-resistant

I’ve edited the ones-to-get below…


The Lucia

This one is pretty special and uses metallics to elevate a casual silhouette.

The supportive elastic straps are really comfortable – great for walking in the city or by the shore – but what’s cool is how the metallic accents dress it up.

Black with pewter metallic feels edgy, white with silver looks fresh and oyster with gold has a pretty quality.

Lucia Elastic Sandal - Oyster-GoldLucia Elastic Sandal - White-Silver

The Prato

Our best-selling iconic Prato slide is the perfect base for chic metallic silver. This style has always been coveted for blending comfy practicality with contemporary edge, and now gets even chicer in shiny silver.

 Prato Metallic Leather Sandal

The Pepa

These speak to a fashion vibe in any shade, yet are especially perfect for summer in metallic silver – our followers love wearing them day-to-night and styling them with dresses.

Pepa Leather Sandal - Metallic Silver

The Jacy

This could be the essential summer sandal – think the casual ease of a flip-flop with a bit of a luxurious spin. The metallic opal is already trending. The feedback I’ve gotten is that it feels directional and fashion-forward, yet is still easy-on and easy-off.

Jacy Leather Sandal



OK, technically this isn’t a sandal, but I had to include it because it’s too good to leave out! New York-based interior furnishings artist and designer Jill Malek reinterpreted our best-selling Kensington boot with a metallic raindrop pattern that shines – genius! And it’s presented in four fab colours to wear rain or shine.

Kensington Rainshine Chelsea Boot

Kensington Rainshine Chelsea Boot - NightKensington Rainshine Chelsea Boot - TeaKensington Rainshine Chelsea Boot - Lake

How to wear them

Here are some highlights of how our followers are upping their shoe game.

Influencer sitting outside on concrete stairs in dress and sunglasses wearing Cougar Jacy Sandals in Opal


Influencer in tan jacket and sitting on townhouse stoop wearing Cougar Kensington Rainshine Chelsea Boot in Mica


Influencer's legs in brown dress wearing Cougar Kensington Rainshine Chelsea Boot


Influencer in forest in summer dress holding straw hat wearing Cougar Luscia Elastic Sandal in Oyster-Gold


Influencer in summer polka dot dress holding straw bag wearing Cougar Pepa Leather Sandal in Metallic Silver


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Thanks for reading.