Cozy slippers for indoors or outside.

Meet Liliana, our new women’s suede mules with curly faux-shearling. Soft enough to wear barefoot, yet their rubber outsoles can handle the outdoors. Plus, these soles have a thinner silhouette, and are extremely lightweight. Beyond comfy, they are the perfect slipper for dog walking or simply laying on the couch!


Top view of our Liliana suede mule in camel colour
  1. Water repellent

    To protect your slippers, we treat the leather to stop water from soaking into the suede.
  2. Stain resistant

    This treatment also repels spills and dirt for easy clean up.
  3. Lightweight

    The secret is our dual-compound outsole construction – a thermo-plastic rubber outsole for traction and grip with a flexible strip (the white part) that won't crease
A selection of our Liliana mules

Easy-on, easy-off.

Just try to resist these uber chic muted shades.

We see Camel ticking the classic box, while Pewter, Mushroom and Ash-Blue inject a bit of fashion fun.

The matching curly faux shearling just furthers the fresh look.

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